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MAIN MOVEMENT (Nitschke) - Ants reading ...

PARALLEL MOVEMENT (Nitschke) - Two old toothbrushes and nose

In end of July Nitschke invites Zakharov to walk with him from Guben (sphere of museum and encyklopedia) to the near of the lake of Bresinchen (sphere of text and farming), to where already an earlier visitation in spring of 2012 was heading (see visitation 6). The day being very warm and sunny Nitschke carries water and camera in his backpack and an old toothbrush in the pocket of his shirt.

Their way follows the the river Neiße for a long time, near to the lak of Bresinchen Zakharov and Nitschke detour and cross fields, meadows, railway track, road without track until they reach a place in the forest close to the vast field and the former waste dump at the edge of which the lectures of visitation 6 did happen. In a copse of birches on the roadbed of a former track overgrown today Zakharov hits upon his CANON multi-function device he dismissed some time ago and gave to Nitschke at his request, the device stacked on a similar, as well defective one once used by Nitschke himself. The devices are placed in the near of an anthill. Zakharov takes place on the devices now functional as stool, dresses himself in the white shirt and the tie he wore during his lecture in 2012. Then, at Nitschkes disposition, he takes a book from the valve of the lower device and choses a page which Nitschke takes from the book. By means of a sandwich with liverwurst placed in the valve of the upper device Nitschke prints a kidneyshaped form on the page and lays the sheet on the anthill. While the ants try to comprehend the foreign body and explore fat and sausage, Zakharov and Nitschke as well eat their meal.

Back in Guben Nitschke gets an object he prepared for a specific place where their was built a park recently. The park is part of a reconstruction of the divided city, a measure to upvalue the city center. The park leads to the banks of the neiße where there is still the ruin of a part of a former bridge standing in the middle of the river Neiße. The visitor can sit there on huge white steps and may feel invited to contemplate the ruin. The object is a small box on stilts painted similar to a camouflage pattern. Nitschke opens the box in front of Zakharov sitting on the steps, some other persons move in the space between the steps and the bank of the river. The box is lined with textured wallpaper, the nose of Nitschke cast in red silicone is presented on the back wall of the box and on its floor their lies a second identical and identically used toothbrush, identical to the one Nitschke carried with him on both forward and back way. Nitschke places the second brush next to the first and closes the box again.




Two old toothbrushes and nose

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